Rector’s Message

I wish to express my heartfelt greetings as the Sixth Rector, Southern Campus of the General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University, the nations’ Premier Defence Academic Institution.

The vital necessities of this century are not only dissemination of knowledge, but also fostering creativity and innovation. Hence the key to our future lies with education, now more than ever. Education is not just a linear process that shapes our future. It is also the improvement of our abilities to make the best of today and create better tomorrows.

I extend my best wishes to both officer cadets and the day – scholars and the faculty who are an integral part of our campus and to those who seek to join us in our mission of importing and creating knowledge and contributing to the growth of not only our society and nation but humanity at large.

As you begin the next step of your life journey, you will find that our entire campus is here to support your academic, social and personal growth. The campus instils the values of nurturing Environment, Holistic learning, Integrity, and connectedness while corresponding to the set standards of service stipulated by each department.

As the Rector, I am deeply committed to attract students dedicated to academic excellence, pedagogical sophistication, top notch research and service to society. To contribute to national development, Southern Campus of General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University stands the epitome of excellence that is able to develop confident independent thinkers, creative entrepreneurs and leaders. We also focus on professional development of our students in order to equip them with the knowledge and skills necessary to play a leading role in different fields and sectors of the economy.

Major General LCR Jayasuriya RSP ndc psc
Rector – Southern Campus Kotelawala Defence University