Welcome to the English Language Teaching Unit, Southern Campus, KDU

The English Language Teaching Unit of Southern Campus is established to instill English Language skills for the undergraduates of southern wing. It is usually known as ELTU among the campus community. The medium of the degree programs is in English in the faculty and the unit strives to make its students competent in the English Language Skills required for their respective professional careers. The ELTU conducts regular classes for the first and second-years students and offers non-credited compulsory components for the degree programmes in both Faculties of Built Environment and Spatial Sciences and Faculty of Computing. It is conducted during the first two years and it consists of four (4) parts: Basic Study Skills in English, Advanced Study Skills in English, Writing and Speaking Skills in English and Research Writing Skills. Each part is covered in one semester with three hours per week. It is compulsory for the students to get through all the four parts to be eligible for the degree. The unit conducts special courses of orientation programmes and sessions for the military groups, on request. The ELTU Southern Campus oversees the essential corresponding tasks, academic activities of the Campus, training students for compering & supplements the students in writing dissertations, industrial training reports and research papers.


ELTU, Southern Campus, KDU strives to augment linguistic competencies related to English in the domain of Second Language of all undergraduates by developing a deepened understanding of language and literacy whilst upholding the value of academic and analytical operative aspects of language.


ELTU, Southern Campus, KDU takes the lead in promoting communicative and academic literacy of English language of undergraduates in internationally standardized domain fostering rich inter-cultural harmony and enriching total personality development.